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KanjiBrowze 2006 .1

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The freeware KanjiBrowze Standard offers all features of the Stackz 2006 dictionary system, except the ones reserved for KanjiBrowze PRO (see below).
download KanjiBrowze Standard

KanjiBrowze PRO is shareware, and offers the full Stackz 2006 dictionary system functionality.

The features are:

  • Analyze of kanji combinations, katakana words, verbs and adjectives
  • Floating tooltip window for long qurey results
  • Built in Kana to Kanji conversion
  • Built in TextPad for intermediate results
  • Radical selection dialog in Kanji Select Dialog
  • EDICT entries marked as common can be filtered
  • Additional column shows EDICT classification

The KanjiBrowze PRO features can be unlocked in the freeware KanjiBrowze Standard version by entering a valid license key.
download KanjiBrowze Standard

Purchase license key for KanjiBrowze PRO

Note: KanjiBrowze PRO is a substet of Stackz - registering Stackz unlocks all PRO features in the KanjiBrowze Standard executable.

System requirements Win95/98/NT/2000, Pentium processor recommended, 256 colors, mouse or other pointing device, 4 MB free HD space
Manual Online KanjiBrowze manual (the newest versions) at this site, and delivered with application.
Optional resources EDICT, KANJIDIC and in the case of western windows Japanese fonts. See the links-section of this site.



Version 2006.1 - 3. 4. 06

Version 2006 - 16. 01. 06

Version 2.1b - 22. 10. 04

Version 2.1a - 27. 9. 04

Version 2.1 - 14. 7. 04