Control Panel functions

The control panel allows direct access to all KanjiBrowze tool dialogs and easy control of all settings. It can be opened with the tray menu.


Button Function Explanation

Open Dictionary Opens the Dictionary dialog.

Open KanjiSelect Opens the KanjiSelect dialog.
Open KanjiInfo Opens the KanjiInfo dialog.
paste Open Dialog with clipboard content Opens the tool dialog of the button above and runs an automatic query with the clipboard content (Dictionary and KanjiSelect) or displays information about the kanji in the clipboard (KanjiInfo).


Menu command Function
Tools|show all Open all tool windows.
Tools|hide all Hide all tool windows.
Tools|TextPad Open the textpad tool window.
Tools|Exit Exit KanjiBrowze
Options|Dictionary files... Opens the dictionary configuration dialog.
Options|Font... Opens the font dialog.
Help|About KanjiBrowze Shows the version information.
Help|Help topics Opens HTML help
Help|License key Shows the license key information.
Help|Stackz Product info Shows information about Stackz
Shows information about Stackz