TrayMenu functions

When KanjiBrowze is running, the tray icon  is visible in the TrayBar of the Windows taskbar. Right-clicking this tray icon opens the tray menu.


Tray Menu command Explanation
Exit Close KanjiBrowze
About KanjiBrowze... Show version info
Close all Windows Hide all windows without exiting the application
Show control panel on startup When checked, the control panel is displayed when launching KanjiBrowze.
Icon doubleclick action...

Set the doubleclick-action of the tray icon to one of the following:

  • Show control panel
  • Paste -> Select kanji
  • Paste -> Kanji info
  • Paste -> Dictonary

The doubleclick-action is displayed with bold font in the menu.

Show control panel Opens the control panel.
Paste -> Select kanji Opens the KanjiSelect tool dialog and selects kanji according to the text in the clipboard.
Paste -> Kanji info Opens the KanjiInfo tool dialog and inspects the kanji currently in the clipboard.
Paste -> Dictionary Opens the Dictionary tool dialog and runs a query with the text currently in the clipboard.