KanjiBrowze HTML help 2005

KanjiBrowze is a freeware tool by MindDate Software. It allows looking up information about Japanese or Chinese characters and character combinations. KanjiBrowze is a subset of the MindDate Flashcard organizer Stackz, where it is used to generate new wordlists and to look up words during learning or repeating the vocabulary.

KanjiBrowze PRO
If KanjiBrowze is registered, it transforms from the freeware KanjiBrowze standard into KanjiBrowze PRO. In this case some additional functions become available. These functions are marked with the button in this help, which allows to jump to the detailed description of the feature.

When KanjiBrowze is running, the icon  is visible in the TrayBar of the Windows taskbar. Right-clicking this tray icon opens the tray menu. The menu command Show control panel opens the control panel, which controls all general functions of KanjiBrowze.

The control panel can be opened with the tray menu command .

The following three tool dialogs can be opened with a tray menu command or the control panel.
The Dictionary dialog translates Japanese or Chinese words into other languages and vice versa.
The Kanji selection dialog finds the kanji that maches your criteria (Japanese only).
The Kanji info dialog displays detailed information about a given kanji (Japanese only).

Further assistance
The latest version and information about other tools can be found at http://www.stackz.com.