Filter the query result

The filter pane displayed below offers advanced filtering of the query results. Click the element of interest in the picture below for explanations.

Kanji restriction Match restriction Toggle filter pane Match compounds Match verbs Match adjectifs Match all others Only kanji-hiragana No katakana


Fig. Function Shortcut Explanation
Toggle filter pane Ctrl+F This button shows and hides the filter subpane of the Dictionary tool dialog.
Match restriction Ctrl+A Show all matches
Ctrl+E Show exact matches only
Ctrl+H Show matches with same head
Ctrl+T Show matches with same tail
Ctrl+1..6 Show matches at position 1..6
  Limitation of current implementation
The “match restriction” function works fine with kanji but is limited with other characters. Please refer to “index files” in configure dictionaries for more information.
Compound     Display all kanji combinations (without kana extensions)
Verbs     Display all query results with a hiragana ending –u, ku, su, etc.
Adjectifs     Display all query results with a hiragana ending –i.
Others     Display all words that are not in one of the three above groups.
Kanji restriction    When a range is defined, only the query results with kanji within this range are displayed in the query result field. Ranges can be defined for the following classifications:
  • Jōyō grade: levels 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9 (+ 10 = non–jōyō)
  • Kanji & Kana (Handbook by W.Hadamitzky and M. Spahn)
  • Nelson
  • Halpern
  • Haig
  • De Roo
Only kanji-hiragana     Display only kanji-hiragana sequences.
No katakana     Display only kanji and hiragana.