KanjiInfo dialog overview

The purpose of the kanji info tool dialog is to display information about a list of kanji. No kanji can be selected in this dialog, it is opened from other points in the software where kanji can be selected.

The displayed information is a starting point for automatic queries in the tool dialogs Dictionary and KanjiSelect.


Basic kanji info elements

Always on top ON reading Copy KUN reading English meaning Nelson index Dictionary query Jôyô grade Radical Stroke count Kanji&Kana index Selected kanji Kanji list Select kanji with same radical Add to TextPad Select kanji Add to Stack

Fig. Function Explanation
kanji list This list contains a number of kanji to be explored for details. These kanji were highlighted when the KanjiInfo dialog was opened.
"on" reading Chinese reading, displayed in katakana as defined in KANJIDIC.
"kun" reading Japanese reading, displayed in hiragana. Okurigana are separated with a period as defined in KANJIDIC.
english meanings Meaning of the kanji as defined in KANJIDIC.
Kanji selection Currently selected kanji.
  Jouyou Grade Jouyou grades 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9 (10 = non-Jouyou kanji)
  Stroke count Number of strokes
  Radical Radical classification of the kanji
  Kanji & Kana Index of kanji according to Handbook with same title by W.Hadamitzky and M. Spahn
  Nelson Index of kanji according to Nelson dictionary


Toolbar and context menu Function Shortcut Explanation
Dictionary F6 Starts an automatic dictionary query with the selected kanji, on-reading, kun-reading or meaning. 
Select kanji with same radical   Starts an automatic kanji selection with the filter set to the radical of the selected kanji.
Select kanji F7 Starts an automatic kanji selection with the selected on-reading, kun-reading or meaning.
Add to textpad   Copies the selected element to the textpad.
Add to selected stack INS Copies the selected kanji to the selected stack.
Copy Ctrl+C Copies the selected kanji, on-reading, kun-reading or meaning to the clipboard.
Always on top When switched on, the window stays on top of other windows.