Tutorial - General Color scale


In this example, a Stackz file with one lesson (Lesson 1) is used. It has initially 9 entries in the neutral level, all of which are untested. The ColorMode is initially set to RefreshDate.

Notice that the 9 entries are represented by a column or stack under level 3. There is a color band along the top that covers a range of one day. The color band is lightest in the present and gets darker the further into the past you go. The small grey hatched area at the right end indicates the color of uninitialized data. The stack is of the uninitialized color, which means that the 9 entries have not been successfully at all.

Step 1 - Initial Test

To start working with this file, the content of Lesson 1, is tested with the test dialog. For each of the entries, the user decides if he knows it or not, and presses the corresponding button. This process moved known words to the right (level 4) and unknown ones to the left (level 2).

Note how the color of known words changed to the color of "refreshed today". Since the current ColorMode is set to RefreshDate, the color of the unknown words did not change - they have never been refreshed (known) up to now.


Step 2 - Learn the words

Testing the unknown words does not make sense because every further test would lead to the same negetive result. To get to know those words they must be learned. Stackz offers the learn dialog for that purpose, also printing paper flashcards or a normal study list is possible. The words can also be exported to other electronic formats in order to study them e.g. with a handheld device in combination with some other learn software.

Step 3 - Testing the unknown words again

After learning the words, the document is opened again on the next day. Note how the color of the entries on the right has changed to the color corresponding to "refreshed 1 day ago". This shows that the last positive test lies in the past and that the reliability of the classification has decreased (although here it's by just one day).

All words are re-tested now. Because one of the hard words is still unknown and one of the words in level 4 is declared as unknown today, the result looks as follows:

This is how the visualization in a Stackz lesson works. There are some "hard words on the left that need to be learnt, and some "easy" words on the right that need to be refreshed once in a while. In the middle, there are some words that are generally known but tend to be forgotten easily. The Stackz visual feedback helps to concentrate your effort on learning the unknown words and simply repeating the known words when the color indicates that they haven't been checked for a certain time. The more words there are, the more important a representation like this becomes.