Tutorial - Learning Entries


In this example, a Stackz file with two lessons (Lesson 1 and 2) is used. The ColorMode is initially set to RefreshDate. The unknown entries shall be learnt with the LearnDialog.

Step 1

The effort shall be spent on the hardest words, so the the two leftmost columns (level 1 and 2) are selected. The Stackz main dialog shall be hidden during the learn process, this is achieved by pressing the CTRL key while opening the learn dialog.

The local stack of the learn dialog is initialized with one entry, and only the first attribute is visible:

Step 2

The words in the local stack are studied and kept in short time memory. Since only three attributes are used in the current list, the skill 'uncommented test' is used. The round green button iterates through the attributes, and the 'arrow down' button adds more elements to the LearnDialog's local stack.

After adding a few words and trying to keep them all in memory by iterating through their attributes, the LearnDialog looks like this.

The currently displayed entry is supposed to be well known for now, so it can be removed from the list.

Step 3

The 'arrow up' button puts the currently selected entry back on the initial stack and replaces it with a new one in the local stack.

The round green button can again be used to iterate through all attributes. The local stack can be extended with more entries by using the 'arrow down' button, and known elements can be replaced with new ones with the 'arrow up' button. With this proceeding, all entries can be intensively learned.

Step 4

All entries have been placed back on their original stack without altering their TestState. Thus, the Stackz document still looks exactly the same. However, the words have been learnt, and they will hopefully be declared as known during the next test.

Note: The test session should not be started direclty after the learning session because the proficiency assessment should not be based on short time memory.