Tutorial - Testing Entries


In this example, a Stackz file with two lessons is used. The ColorMode is initially set to RefreshDate. The entries of the first lesson called 'Demo' shall be tested with the TestDialog.


Step 1 - Switch to "RepeatAdvisor" ColorMode

To optimize the selection of the entries to be refreshed, the ColorMode "RepeatAdvisor" is selected. This highlights the entries recommended for testing with an orange color. The RepeatAdvisor allows a longer period without refreshing for the known words than it does for the unknown ones, as defined in the File options. This avoids unnecessary refreshing of the known words.

The order of processing in the tool dialogs is determined by the current ColorMode. Here, the highlighted entries (orange) will be processed first. Testing the first lesson is started by opening the context menu of the lesson and selecting 'Test Selection'.


Step 2 - testing the entries

Entry after entry is presented in the test dialog. The round green button displays one attribute after the other, corresponding to the currently selected skill. As long as the test state color of the presented entry is orange, testing this entry is recommended by the RepeatAdvisor. Other colors indicate that the entry is still fresh enough, and refreshing can be stopped.

Step 3 - the result

After testing all entries, the result in this example looks like in the image below. Some entries were declared as known, they moved one step to the right, other entries were declared as unknown and they moved one step to the left. The color reflects the new recommended reserve time of the RepeatAdvisor. The amount of entries recommended to repeat has decreased. The ones that are still orange now must be learnt.

Note: Consecutive test sessions with the same words should be avoided. Testing corresponds to a proficiency assessment, which should not be based on short time memory. After testing, the failed words must be learned, and not tested again.