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Title: Re: Lesson management keyboard shortcuts
Post by: Chris on March 14, 2007, 09:04:00 AM
I downloaded the stackz 07 preview and after using it for a short time I have one suggestion. Please implement some form of keyboard shortcuts for lesson management into the main window. My main file I use to work from has many lessons all together in the one file. I use this file promarily on my PDA and perform maintenance using the PC version. I like to have the focus lesson for any one week at the top of the file so that i can access it quickly, but in order to move it to the top of the pile i have to continually right click and select 'move up'. If i decide to add a new blank lesson then i have to move it all the way from the bottom to the top which takes a minute or two of right clicking. It has been a frustrating issue of this great program now for quite a while.

thanks for this suggestion!