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Title: PC Version On Linux using Wine ?
Post by: soulboy on April 09, 2007, 05:35:53 AM
I have tried to get Stackz PC version running on Linux via Wine but I get some

Anybody got this working ?
Title: Re: PC Version On Linux using Wine ?
Post by: liquidarts on November 03, 2008, 04:17:19 PM
I'm interested in moving my machine back over to linux but Stackz is one of my stumbling blocks right now.  I'm curious to hear how you experience went since you last posted.

What distro were you using?  What ver. of Wine and Stackz?  Was it just flaky or unusable?

Title: Re: PC Version On Linux using Wine ?
Post by: liquidarts on May 07, 2009, 10:49:37 AM
I recently got some free time and a bit of motivation to work on this some more.   I thought I'd post my progress, considering this thread comes up in Google when searching for Stackz and Linux it seems a good place.  Not quite there yet though, Stackz' files on my PDA don't behave properly after being saved under the Stackz running in Wine.

My Stackz study configuration is a laptop running Stackz Dictionary Edition to create the stacks and do big edits etc.  Almost no studying is done on the PC.  The second piece is a used iPaq hx4700 running an upgraded OS (WM5) and Pocket Stackz.  It's on the PDA that I do all my studying.  I sync my stackz daily and would like to be creating new stackz daily.  So it's unfortunate to have to keep my Windows partition around just for Stackz.

My biggest hurdle in the past was getting the PDA to sync, but thanks to some new details found here; (
I am now able to consistently sync my device.

The second hurdle was getting Stackz running on Wine.  Initially an older version (forget exactly which) of Wine gave an error when trying to save.  Updating to the newest (1.1.20 at this time) Wine seemed to solve that.  If I just use Stackz on the PC everything seems to behave fine.  As a note, to significantly increase stability unfortunately I had to turn off all of Stackz' custom UI.

But now the problem is files saved in the Stackz running under Wine don't behave properly on the PDA.  They launch and I can test and learn the stacks OK, but when closing the file it doesn't save.  Even using the 'Save data' option doesn't work.  The stack will close but the timestamp doesn't changed and immediately reopening the stack shows no changes.  Syncing and checking on the PC also shows no change.

I've determined the sync is OK, by syncing Stackz' files created and manipulated on a Stackz running in a VM vs the "Wine'd" version.  I suspect the previous error relating to saving is still somehow at fault here, but I don't know where to go from here.

Any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated!