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Title: PalmStackz 2006 on zire 71 help!
Post by: jteff on January 26, 2008, 06:33:22 PM
Hello, it would be nice if somebody could help me with my problem. I am trying to run the new Palmstackz 2006 on my zire 71. (since 2 days :'( ). I remember that an older version worked on it, but with the new one, i cant even get to the first screen. I tried all versions of SuperWaba i could find, but it works with none of them . I also tested the superwaba on some other software and it worked without any problems. here is a log of my console. I know my pda is already fit for a museum, but i would rather like to use it, instead just buying a new one for this software.  :-\

SuperWaba Debug Console
000220 SuperWaba VM Fatal Error
000220 An error was found in the program
000220 being run by the SuperWaba VM.
000220 Error:
000220 Can't find method
000220 waba/sys/Settings
000230 setUIStyle(B)V
000230 In:
000230 stackzMobile/StackzMain
000230 <init>()V
000230 Please notify the program's author.
000230 See debug memo for more details.
005240 ======= End =======