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Title: Which pocket Pc ?
Post by: default on October 05, 2008, 05:34:35 PM

which pocket pc do you recommend for Stackz (which suits best)?
I am looking for one, which isn't to expensive.
Do you have any ideas?
If you answer, please explain why you proposed that device.

Title: Re: Which pocket Pc ?
Post by: Chris on October 06, 2008, 08:50:04 PM
There are no big differences between the different models as far as PocketStackz is concerned, Stackz will look fine on any Pocket PC. I have used it a lot myself on an Axim X3 (2004) and on a Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX (2007). The former has a QVGA display, the latter VGA. VGA is nice especially for complicated kanji, but the lower QVGA resolution is completely sufficient as well, I even prefer this one because of the housing style.

It could be worth a look to check the handling of the arrow navigation buttons though. The study tools of PocketStackz are carefully designed to be conveniently controlled using one hand with the hardware buttons of the Pocket PC. This is a big advantage when learning on the go... of course you can also tap on the PocketStackz buttons with your fingers on the screen to avoid using the stylus, they are large enough for that purpose. But good Pocket PC hardware buttons offer a far better feel than touching the screen. And if the hardware buttons are used, the screen buttons can be hidden to reserve the entire display for the learning content.

Title: Re: Which pocket Pc ?
Post by: liquidarts on November 07, 2008, 03:36:24 AM
Although I do really like my iPaq hx4700 for many things as Chris mentioned the buttons are very important for Stackz use.  I've found that the iPaq's touchpad button implementation to be very unreliable.  This model and the older Dell Axim v50, I think, are VERY similar units but the Dell has real pushable buttons.  Both the Used iPaq and Dell units are both available all over eBay, I bought mine in Akihabara for around 210 USD.  Also I believe Dell is continuing to make PDA's but the comparable unit is around 450 USD.

I'm not sure what you are studying, most Stackz users seem to be studying Japanese or Chinese.  So in that vein note that there are alternate text input utilities that allow you to input Japanese, Chinese or Korean characters the same as if you had the particular native OS.
Title: Re: Which pocket Pc ?
Post by: default on November 08, 2008, 04:58:13 PM
I looked it up on ebay do you mean the  "Dell Axim X50v"? I didn't find a "50v".

Meanwhile i found this PDA "Asus Mypal A626"... Does Pocket Stackz run on this PDA ? (  I ask because it has neither a arm nor a mip processor, but a "Marvell XScale". There are quite good reviews about this one in the net.
Title: Re: Which pocket Pc ?
Post by: Chris on November 08, 2008, 05:59:05 PM
This seems to be an ARM architecture as well, check out

Title: Re: Which pocket Pc ?
Post by: liquidarts on November 12, 2008, 12:17:09 PM
Yes, sorry I believe it's the X50v and I think there's a X51v.  I believe internally the specs of my hx4700 and the Dell are nearly the same except the Dell has a better video processor and the button configuration I mentioned.

I quickly looked at the Asus you mentioned.  While I didn't track down any prices I noticed it was a slower processor (~300MHz vs 624MHz for the Dell and HP) and the screen was half the resolution.  While none of this is a big concern when using Stackz and dictionary program like EBPocket you may find, as I have, that I have found many more uses for my PDA.  Surfing internet at a wi-fi enabled cafe, showing friends pictures, reading ebooks, watching youtube and downloaded videos or talking on skype are all easily doable on these devices.

Here is an extremely knowledgeable resource on using a PDA as a dictionary for Japanese study.

I'm not affiliated with him in anyway, but I found his information and dictionaries as an indispensable guide!