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Title: Japanese and Chinese font problems
Post by: dreamingsky on April 15, 2006, 05:58:58 AM
I. Japanese
PalmStackz will no longer work with Japanese files for me.? PalmStackz worked fine in version Beta1.8 (though the Options menu would crash).? But, starting in version 1.0beta (and also version1.1) I get this error:

Cannot find the font for:
Please install the font file:
and restart PalmStackz

I can start the program.? And I can load my szm file.? Then when I select "Learn" or "Test" I get the error.? The program will continue, but none of the Japanese is displayed correctly.

The font is installed correctly.? If I use the "Info" option on the PDA I will see "UFFPSzmJpn_H" listed (I also have the Chinese font "UFFChi_H" installed and works OK).? I have tried installing both the small font "PstzJapFontSetup" and the big font "PstzJapBigFontSetup", and I have deleted and re-installed PalmStackz.

II. Chinese
The Chinese font "UFFChi_H" is installed OK and doesn't cause any loading errors.? But, some of the tones do not display correctly.

It seems like the problem is only with the 3rd tone.? I did a quick test and it seems like all the other tones work OK.? The 3rd tone for "a", "i", "o", "u" doesn't display - the space is blank.? For some reason the 3rd tone for "e" works OK, though.

I have a PalmTX.? It is running version 5.61 of SuperWaba (PalmOS5 16bit edition).

I have also used PalmStackz with version 5.55 of SuperWaba: Palm OS 5 devices (ARM).
Title: Re: Japanese and Chinese font problems
Post by: Konstantin on April 15, 2006, 02:09:36 PM
I. Japanese
Japanese needs 2 files on your device:
- StackzJpnFontMap.pdb
- UFFPSzmJpn_H.pdb
Could you please check that you have both files on your device?
If you do not see the files with exactly the same names,
please try to download the Japanese font and install it again.

Before the final version was released I changed the name of the UFFPSzmJpn_H file.
Maybe you still have the font file with the old name.

II. Chinese
Could you please try the latest version 1.2 that was released yesterday?
This version uses a new Chinese font that is more or less completed and should
contain all Pinyin characters.
The new font can be download from here: - the normal size font - the big font

Best regards,
Title: Re: Japanese and Chinese font problems
Post by: dreamingsky on April 16, 2006, 01:21:59 AM
That's great. That fixed both problems.  Version 1.2 fixed the Chinese 3rd tone problem.  And the new Japanese font fixed the Japanese load problem.

I might recommend adding version numbers on the font files.  Or near the download link to the new version of Stackz put a little note telling people to download a new font file.

Thanks for your help.