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Stackz Flashcard Organizer for PC / Some questions about StackZ
« on: December 28, 2010, 12:43:36 AM »

first of all: if this is posted in the wrong section feel free the move it wherever it belongs.

I just downloaded the test version of StackZ and it's the best flashcard application for learning japanese I've found so far (probably because it's optimized for japanese i.e.). However, there are some issues I want to discuss in this forum before buying the product. In particular:

- Is it possible to add new boxes ? As I can see (at first glance) there are 5 boxes the cards can be put into. If I want 6 or 7 boxes, is there a way to accomplish that ?

- I want to use the program to learn japanese. Let's say I make a new lessen, called "Hiragana", containing all the symbols and their romanji. Up until there it works just fine. My problem occures when I want to learn/test the lesson:

When the test begins, every time the Hiragana is shown, I try to remember what the romanji is and if I'm right I declace it as known and so on. My question is:

What do I do when I want the romanji to be shown instead so I can try to remember the Hiragana ? Do I have to write a complete new lesson for that purpose ?

Even better would be the possibility of a "mixed" test session, so that somtimes the romanji and sometimes the Hiragana is shown (in the same test). Is something like that possible ? Learning "one way only" can't be good ...

I hope someone can answer these questions,

Thanks in advance,


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