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Stackz - Bug Reports / Re: Stackz 7.0 dictionary edition won't launch
« on: June 17, 2008, 12:32:29 PM »
I tried to stop as many processes as possible and ended up with a commit charge of 174Mb out of my total 1024Mb (+1024Mb pagefile), but none of the new releases will run. (List editor w/wo dictionary, Stackz 7.0 w/wo dictionary)
I just ran a virus scan using AVG 7.5 with the newest virus definitions, and I'm all clean.
Stackz v 2006 runs fine though, I had a bug when editing entries but it's gone after reinstalling.

Stackz - Bug Reports / Stackz 7.0 dictionary edition won't launch
« on: June 17, 2008, 03:19:50 AM »
Would love to try out the new version but...
It installs fine but when I try to launch it nothing happens. I can't find it as a hidden process running either.
Using XPSP3.
What's happening here?

Stackz Flashcard Organizer for PC / Re: Updating the dictionary files
« on: December 17, 2007, 08:22:51 AM »
Alright,fair enough. Where can I find the latest version of a EUC formatted list?

Stackz Flashcard Organizer for PC / Updating the dictionary files
« on: December 16, 2007, 04:50:53 AM »
Is there way to use new CEDICT-files? I'm trying to use CEDICT in UTF-8 with both traditional and simplified Chinese, August 25, 2007 from
I can generate an index file and everything seems fine but when I do a search through the dictionary dialog I get no hits. I tried to restart Stackz but it didn't help.

I'm using Stackz 2006 Dictionary edition, with a full license.

I tried the Import function on my laptop running Excel 2003 and everything works hunky dory.
Strange thing though, I remember that I've had the problem with the blank list (described in my first post) using this version of Excel on the laptop but with earlier than Stackz 2005 ver.3 installs.

However "Import and restart" with unchecked "SBCNL" box does not empty "Import List Wizard 1/3 - Enter Source Data". The entries from the previous cykle remain. Both when using 2005 ver3 and 2006.
Thanks for your help!

General Discussion / Re: What do you learn with Stackz?
« on: June 11, 2006, 11:33:36 AM »
I'm learning Chinese characters (self modified Heisig system). The integration possibilites of CEDICT facilitates putting hanzi in to context.

Is the display correct in the first run of the Wizard, i.e. does the problem only occur with the "start collecting next lot" feature?

Please make sure that the language is set correctly for the corresponding attributes.

Please send me ( a sample of the words you try to import so I can duplicate the error if it persists.

The problem only occurs using the "Start collecting next lot"-feature. Everything runs fine when I'm using manual cut&paste commands. In previous versions of Stackz, the list in the last step of the wizard came up completely blank (and clipboard empty) when using "Start collecting next lot". I'm using XP SP2 and Excel 97 (Swedish version). I'll send you the files I'm copying from and the resulting .szm
Btw is there a workaround for this not using Import wizard? Anyhow it would be great to have a marker for dividing long lists into lessons when importing.

Stackz - Solved Issues / Import Wizard/Start by collecting next lot
« on: June 10, 2006, 11:41:28 AM »
I'm importing Chinese entries into Stackz 2006 from an Excel document using the Start by collecting next lot feature. The problem is that the entry list showing for approval in the third step of the import wizard is only question marks. They seem to recognized by the system on some level though as a translation from CEDICT pops up when pointing the mouse over them. I'm using the same fonts both in Excel and Stacks (NsimSun). The question marks stay in the created lesson. When doing a manual cut&paste everything seems to work normal. This is annoying!
Furthermore, is "Import and restart" supposed to clear the next edit window? I think I read that somewhere, however the entries from my last import cycle remain.
I've had other bugs when using the Import wizard with previous versions of Stackz.

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