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I just bought the Stack program (windows and pocketpc). It is very handy and nice to learn.
Unfortunately it is cannot be handled like flashcards I used to know.

  • As far as I know you got a pile of let's say 10 cards to learn. After you think you might have learnt it you just put it in the box 1. Then you take the the next 10 cards and learn it the same way. Now box 1 could have a capacity of 20 cards. With this full box 1 you continue to learn all the cards from box 1. The correct words now go to box 2 (capacity of 40 cards). In this case the after 20 wrong 'guessed' cards you are forced to learn them in order to empty box 1 again.

With Stackz I started to learn with 'Learn' but all I got was cards taken away from the middle pile. Like this I end up with hundreds of cards which don't repeat until (probably) I end up with all the cards in box 1. As next question I would like to know how big box 1 is. How is it possible to learn with Stackz? I am open for any input that can explain the logic of Stackz.

In advance thank you very much for your answer.

Best regards


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