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PalmStackz / handheld devices supporting palm stacks?
« on: September 10, 2009, 04:51:34 AM »
Sorry, folks. I am new on this block. Can u help me. with some guidance?
I bought a Stackz bundle including pocket stackz, and was expecting receipt by post of a handheld device like palm stackz.  Reading the product literature further, it looks like both pocket stacks and palm stacks are softwares to be run from a hardware device that appears on Mindware online ads, but which is not supplied by "Share-it!" which handles their sales orders.
If so, where can I find a list of devices supporting either of these 2 portable s/wares, tips on web sites selling those would also be appreciated.
I turn to you because Share-it!'s site offers no room/click options for customers' questions like this.
Welcoming your tips and recommendations. Thanks for your help. Cheers to all. m2491

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