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Stackz - Bug Reports / Problem report - Stackz not working on Acer tablet pc
« on: September 05, 2011, 05:33:09 PM »
I am unable to resolve a problem running either Stackz version 2005 or version 7 on an Acer Iconia W500P tablet pc. 

Error message:  "This file contains attributes without language definitions.  Please select the correct language in the next dialogue." 

None of the choices I have tried in the Select Language window resolve the problem.  Something in the file (my main flashcard set) is incompatible but I cannot figure what it is.  I tried (1) deleting and reinstalling my Japanese unicode fonts, but this does not resolve the problem.  I have tried (2) uninstalling and reinstalling StackZ, both versions, but same problem occurs (although I did get version 2005 to work a couple times before running into the same problem again).  I have tried (3) a downloaded JLPT word list and that did work okay. 

Note:  the same programs, both versions, and the same flashcard set work fine on my desktop computer (Windows 7 Ultima 64 bit) and my Thinkpad laptop (X61t with Windows 7 Ultima 32 bit).  I want to migrate my StackZ to the Acer Iconia W500P (Windows 7 Ultima), but so far am unable to.  My other Japanese programs work okay.  ANYBODY KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM IS?  DO I NEED TO REINSTALL THE WINDOWS 7? 

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