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How can I create 2 or more lines in one token?

Like in the Transitiv-Intransitiv.szm on your webpage?




PocketStackz / 4th field shows not the answer automatically
« on: November 07, 2009, 03:52:26 PM »
I use 4 fields
1. Kanji
2. Reading
3. Answer
4. Notes

When I create a new Stacks-File with a new list. The first and fourth Field is always visible, only the 2nd and 3rd field are "cloaked". I "uncloaks" it if (I think) I know the answer.

Sometimes it happens that I hide an Attribute (Field) without wanting it. (Normally it happens if I want to edit a card and choose wrong option.)

I can activate it with "show hidden attributes", but after it, I can't see what it is in this attribute automatically. Only the Kanji field is visible.

How can I change it back?

Normally I use it to write there similar answers, Kanji or which answer would be wrong. This is not possible anymore, after I hide it.

PocketStackz - Bug Reports / Problems with orange color
« on: April 01, 2009, 03:56:28 PM »
I have a Problem with the Stackz for windows mobile.

- I have PocketStackz 2007 B2
- I have windows mobile 6
- my file has 102 Lessons
- every lection has 20 Entries
- I think before I put lection 53 - 102 in the file it was ok

- I use the Leitner System
- I use the repeat advisor

- I choosed "Duplicate Refresh Interval on each Success in Level 5

Promotion Level
1 = 1 day
2 = 1 day  (so 2. days old entries are Orange)
3 = 3 days (so 4. days old entries are Orange)
4 = 7 days (so 8. days old entries are Orange)
5 = 15 days (so 16. days old entries are Orange)

My Problem is, that on the 2./4./8./16.  day the entries will not appear in orange, only a day later.
But a day later I have for 2 days orange entries.

I need the entries in Orange, so I know when to stop during testing.

I tested the stackz-file in windows XP with the stackz tool and it is ok. Entries are orange on the 2./4./8./16.

Where is the error? How can I remove it, I don't want to restart the file completely.

here is the file:

there must be 28 orange entries in the stack-column 2-5, please ignore orange colors in stack-column 1.

I removed lections 81-102 to check if I had to much lessons, but same issue

I changed the promotion level days about one day, saved file and changed it back, but same issue

I had this issue in the last two days

today in stackz-column 2 I see many orange colores, but not in stackz column 3-5.

PocketStackz / using fonts out of the font folder
« on: March 05, 2008, 03:56:12 PM »
Hi, I put some fonts in the font folder of stackz pocketpc. But if I activated them, I get only squares

I tried 'Kanji Stroke Oder' and MSMincho.

I have only one Font install on the PDA itselft, this font is working fine.

Is it possible to get the size of the Kanji Stroke Oder Font so big, that I can see the numbers of the stroke order?

I have the beta pocket stackz on my SD Card installed, but had same issue with the old version, too.

PocketStackz / open vocabulary-file from the SD-Card
« on: March 05, 2008, 02:47:14 PM »
Can I open a vocabulary-file from the SD-Card?

I have the beta pocket stackz on my SD Card installed, but could not find an option for it over the old version, too.

The reason ist, if I want to use the card list on my Notebook, I want only put the SD card in the card reader and start without moving files.

PocketStackz - New Feature Requests / more columns
« on: March 03, 2008, 06:42:43 AM »
Is it possible to get more columns? To choose how much columns I want?

if I use the Leitner System, I will repeat normally my vocabularies as follow:

Level 1:  daily
Level 2:  after 1 day
Level 3:  after 2 days
Level 4:  after a week
Level 5:  after a month

But I want in the Level 1 column only vocabularies, I really must repeat daily. In the moment I have even the lessons I didn't start in the Level 1 column. Ok, I can see that I didn't start them, but this is not the same.

Level 0:  learning not started (they should not be marked if I move them to Level 1)
Level 1:  daily
Level 2:  after 1 day
Level 3:  after 2 days
Level 4:  after a week
Level 5:  after a month
Level 6:  no need to repeat for a longer time

If I have 30 - 100 Vocabularies in a lesson, an I want lower my learning speed, I could not do it without any problems. If I have a Level 0 column, I could choose to move ony 10, 15, 20 vocabularies to level 1, if I want.

It should be possible to move vocabularies back to level 0 and reset them, because I had the problem with some lessons with only verbs in it, 30 completely verbs were to much at once. I don't know why, with adjectives or nouns it was no problem, but I find out, that these lesson make problemks, I move 20 vocabularies back to column 0, reset them to not learned and choose 20 vocabularies from one other lesson or more lessons.

It should even this sample possible (if I want):
Level 0:  not started to learn
Level 1:  daily
Level 2:  after 1 day
Level 3:  after 2 days
Level 4:  after a week
Level 5:  after a month
Level 6:  after 3 months
Level 7:  after 6 months
Level 8:  long, long time not again

what I'm missing ist to choose, that I can learn, test vocabularies which are a day old (or a week, 2 weeks, a month, whatever time I want).

It should be possibe with a complete column, a complete lesson or parts I choosed to repeat or test.

The reason is, if I have in the 3. Column voacularies, I need only to repeat them, if they are a week old or older. if I put fresh vocabularies in the 3. Column it should be possible to ignore them, but it is not possible, if in the same lesson of the 3. Column has 3 one-day-old-vocabularies, 10 twos-day-old-vocabularies, 8 seven-days-old-vocabularies.

What sense make the repeat advisor, if I cannot choose only the vocabularies which are only black.

I want to make a new Kanji list.

1. Entry: the Kanji with MSGothic or MSMincho
2. Entry: same Kanji again, but with the Kanji Stroke Oder Font
3. Entry: Hiragana with MSGothic or MSMincho
4. Entry: Translation in Arial or Times New Roman

I want to learn the stroke order, so I want to see the Kanji first and after it I want to see how to write it and look if I wrote it in the correct order.

General Discussion / need german dictionary
« on: February 22, 2008, 03:28:16 PM »
the links from the stackz-homepage for the German Dictionaries are dead.

Could someone send me the dictionaries?

I would prefer the

General Discussion / must I pay for new Versions
« on: February 08, 2008, 03:22:22 PM »
if I buy the current version, do I get the new versions free of charge, or must I buy an update?

I'm not sure if I buy a PDA with PocketPC or Palm, but I want to buy the PC and the PDA version. I think will buy an PocketPC unit, but if I find a unit with Palm, is it possible to change the versions?

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