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PocketStackz - Bug Reports / Re: cannot save
« on: November 25, 2008, 09:07:55 PM »
This has been happening to me, too. First, I thought it occurred to lists bigger than ~4000 entries per stack or ~2000 entries per lesson, but lately it's been happening to smaller stacks, as well.

PocketStackz - New Feature Requests / Re: kanjibrowze for ppc?
« on: June 14, 2008, 11:44:28 AM »
I'm using EBPocket and it works like a charm. Looking up a word in 10+ full-fledged, commercial dictionaries takes about 3 seconds. I only have to tap and hold the word in Stackz, copy and jump to the EBPocket tab (WkTask will display tabs on the Taskbar).

I've also replaced KanjiBrowze with EBWin, the Windows version.

Read more about EBPocket here: (no it's not my site)

PalmStackz / Re: colormode - repeat advisor
« on: June 14, 2008, 11:30:36 AM »
A user called Lars Mullback over at the forums has been complaining about that same problem, too.

Stackz - Bug Reports / Demo wordlists
« on: June 14, 2008, 11:22:41 AM »
Deleting the sample wordlists will cause Windows Installer to pop up the next time Stackz is launched.

Of course, not deleting them won't cause any problems, but I assume that a lot of users will delete them on instinct before running the main executable.

General Discussion / Re: Stackz in the web
« on: June 14, 2008, 11:11:39 AM »

Here, the author of Kongzi compares his program with Stackz (and kinda admits defeat!)

PocketStackz - New Feature Requests / Virtual buttons / Font size
« on: June 13, 2008, 01:23:21 PM »
My PPC (Willcom WS-003SH) has a sliding keyboard, so I usually use it in landscape mode. The D-pad is small and downright hard to use, so when using Stackz i prefer the touchscreen buttons.

As seen in the attached picture, these buttons take up about one third of the screen, and as much space as all attributes combined. Even so, I still have to use the tip of my fingernail when hitting the up button to be sure that I don't accidentally hit any of the adjacent ones.

A possible solution to this problem would be to make the buttons an invisible 'overlay'. This would free up a lot of screen real estate AND make it easily maneuverable with your fingers.

Another problem is that, since font size is decided by attribute length, "entry" and "reading" will get a huge font while "example sentence" will get a tiny font, and still not display correctly, since only the first line is shown. Switching to portrait mode will fix this, but being able to 1) choose font size, or 2) redistribute the height of attributes would be a lot better IMO.

Landscape mode:

Portrait mode:

PocketStackz / Re: Learn Mode
« on: June 13, 2008, 12:44:31 PM »
Awesome, thanks. Waiting for this to come to PocketStackz, too... That, and the selection slider thingy.

And a functioning undo button in the Learn dialogue  :)

PocketStackz / Re: Learn Mode
« on: May 16, 2008, 05:09:38 PM »
I have one gripe with Learn Mode. When I learn new entries, I usually do so from a pretty big stack (~500 entries) and use the Learn dialogue until I've encountered 10 that I didn't answer correctly at first sight (I'm an advanced learner). The ones I do know go straight into level 5, where I start off, and the idea is that the rest should go all the way down to Level 1 (Leitner system). This works fine, BUT:

there is no stop button. When I've collected 10 entries, I want to review them over and over until I get them right, which is when I declare them as unknown. However, as it is now, a new entry always butts in, crowding the list to the left. The only solution to this is pressing the up button ~450 times, until there are no entries left in the cue.

I'm a long-time Stackz/PocketStackz user, and spread out on 7 files I have a total of ~25000 entries which I review daily using RepeatAdvisor. Because of the sheer volume and approx. 85% of the entries having reached Level 5, I've tweaked the repeat times beyond "slow" and the current one for Level 5 is set to 200 days. Anything lower than that would have me constantly repeating words that I know far too well, and I don't want to spend more than 1 hour every day.

A possible solution to my (and other fellow long-time learners') problem would be a "RepeatAdvisor+" ColorMode. Simply increasing the number of levels could mess up the graphical representation, although thin columns wouldn't be a problem for me. An alternative solution would be if it turned Level 5 into some kind of "plus ultra" level where the repeat time would increase with every correct answer. This could be done using an algorithm OR simply by defining a longer series of repeat times.

One, very cumbersome, way around this would be splitting every file into two (or more), where the first one is set to "slow" and the second one would pick up where the first one ended, having longer repeat times. It would be a pain constantly moving entries between these lists, though.

I've been looking to other programs (Anki, Supermemo etc), but they really can't compare to Stackz so I'd love this feature to be added in a future version. Making it one of many ColorModes wouldn't disturb anyone, while putting Stackz further ahead of the competition by making it a viable alternative for long-time learners.

General Discussion / Re: What ColorMode do you use the most?
« on: October 14, 2007, 10:17:08 PM »
I'm all for Repeat Advisor!

PocketStackz - Bug Reports / Resizing problems when changing orientation
« on: October 14, 2007, 10:12:49 PM »
I have a Sharp WS003SH (VGA screen) running WM5, and the proportions of the main screen (the one with all of the lessons showing, not the one with file names) won't resize properly when you go to/from landscape mode.

So, if your device was in landscape mode when you opened the file and then change back to portrait mode, the window will extend way beyond the boundaries of the screen. If you opened it in portrait mode, changing orientation will result in a window with reduced width.

Also, if you go from a disformed main screen to the Edit dialogue, it will have two sets of scroll bars (scrolling the new one will lock my WS003SH up, but then again its pretty buggy), but if you go from a normal-sized main screen to the Edit dialogue, you can change orientation and it will resize properly.

PocketStackz - New Feature Requests / Buttons too small in VGA
« on: July 24, 2007, 02:05:46 PM »
After nearly three years of using PocketStackz with my h1910 - which I bought for that sole purpose - I finally decided to upgrade to a WS003SH, which is faster and has got a nice and crisp VGA screen.

While fonts do look great, IMO the buttons are way too small. Not only that, but there's _lots_ of empty space on both sides of the buttons that should be used. This is more apparent in landscape mode.


Obviously, I should've posted this in the Bug Reports sub forum.

Stackz - Solved Issues / Re: The Back button in the Learn dialogue
« on: September 12, 2006, 04:50:51 PM »
I'll try to explain it once again.

Entry A is displayed, numbered as #13 on the list to the left.

I press the left button - the one with the red cross - and what happens is that entry A is removed and entry B shows up in its place, numbered as #13.

Up until now everything has worked as it should. However, if I for some reason would change my mind and press the undo button - the one with a blue arrow - the following two things happen:

1) Entry B is declared as unknown, and stays at #13.
2) Entry A is brought back, as entry #14.

This makes me unable to mark entry B as known, since the right button - the one with the green mark - is greyed out.

Stackz - Solved Issues / Re: The Back button in the Learn dialogue
« on: August 31, 2006, 07:57:58 PM »
I'm referring to the button with the blue arrow. Try clicking on it in the Learn dialogue and you will see that it declares the current entry as unknown.

Stackz - Solved Issues / The Back button in the Learn dialogue
« on: August 12, 2006, 09:23:33 PM »
In the PC version the back button is always greyed out, and in PocketStackz it doesn't work as it should. Instead of acting like an undo button, it puts the current word in the list to the left, thus making it unable to declare is as known.

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