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For anyone who is interested, i tried out stackz on my HD2 today and it seems to work fine, icon/button sizes are great (higher res screen, but compensated for by the fact that it is a larger screen). The only minor bug is that the images in the bottom menu are psychedelic colours. Only used it for a few minutes but will report if any other bugs surface.
+1 for a windows 7 version! ;)

Not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask, but is there a version planned for the iPhone/touch in the future? It would be a great platform to have stackz on (and allow me to carry one less gadget around (ie:the ipaq) ;)

PocketStackz - New Feature Requests / Flagging words
« on: December 14, 2007, 02:26:09 AM »
How about a word flagging feature? A lot of the time when I am studying on the subway I will come across a word that i would like to focus on later to consolidate it in my memory (eg: write out a few sentences using it, get a more precise definition from the dictionary etc). Having a button on the bottom toolbar to flag an item of vocab would be really great for this situation. This feature would be useful in both pocketstackz and Stackz 07.

I don't know about the rest of the users, but I use pocketstackz outside of the usual study environment as a way to reinforce what i have learned during my studies. If i can flag important vocab, it allows me to focus on it quickly and easily when i next sit down to do an extended study session (without having to chase down scraps of paper napkins with the title 'words to focus on'! ;)

PocketStackz - Bug Reports / Auto quit on ipaq 1955
« on: May 11, 2007, 07:20:55 AM »
I posted this problem quite a long time ago on this forum ( but received no reply. At the time I kind of answered my own question by saying that I thought it was a memory related issue, but now i am not so sure.

When using pocketstackz on an ipaq rz1955, it will commonly quit back to the today screen without any warning after going into sleep mode. When it quits then it doesnt save anything either, any work done after the last save will be lost (lost quite a lot of info on a few occasions due to this). It happens regardless of if i have one or many programs open, but it doesnt happen every time.

The machine is as follows:
ipaq rz1955
Windows Mobile 5 (Korean edition)

If you need any more info then please don't hesitate to ask
Kind Regards,

PocketStackz / Re: Where do you use PocketStackz?
« on: May 11, 2007, 07:10:23 AM »
Usually on the 1 hour subway commute. Great to cram a bit of Korean study for my course and more productive than watching a video :)

I downloaded the stackz 07 preview and after using it for a short time I have one suggestion. Please implement some form of keyboard shortcuts for lesson management into the main window. My main file I use to work from has many lessons all together in the one file. I use this file promarily on my PDA and perform maintenance using the PC version. I like to have the focus lesson for any one week at the top of the file so that i can access it quickly, but in order to move it to the top of the pile i have to continually right click and select 'move up'. If i decide to add a new blank lesson then i have to move it all the way from the bottom to the top which takes a minute or two of right clicking. It has been a frustrating issue of this great program now for quite a while.
Other questions:
1) Will there ever be a dictionary version of stackz for the korean language?
2) In the edit this stack dialog window, is it possible to set the columns to automatically default to korean or english data entry? (ie: i want the first column to automatically default to korean input, and the second column to automatically default to English input so that i dont have to keep changing the microsoft IME panel from english inout to korean input. Its a very small issue, but would save a lot of time when entering in many words (often i enter in a word or sentence and realise that i forgot to change it to korean input mode, as all the words in one column should be the same language so it makes sense to have it default to one language for every row of that column). I tried to look in the help file for this, but there was no help file bundled with the download.
Thanks in advance!

PocketStackz / Issues on a HP IPAQ rx1950 (WM5)
« on: November 16, 2006, 11:21:23 AM »
I am running pocketstackz on an rx1950. Unfortunately these little devices only shipped with a paltry 32Mb of RAM, this means that after booting up the device has about 10-11Mb of ram to allocate to programs. Often when i am using pstackz I will become distracted by something and the machine will auto power down after a set time. When I press the power button to wake up the machine then quite often the program will be automatically closed by WM5's memory management process, as it thinks that the machine is running low on memory (even though there is just one program open!). Is there any way of making pocketstackz immune to this process?
Kind Regards,

Stackz - New Feature Requests / Re: Change to mark right/wrong
« on: July 13, 2006, 03:53:46 PM »
I know that this doesnt really address your issue, but having 7000 words in one lesson has many downsides and no real benefit that i can see. If you divide the 7000 words into seperate lessons (example:100 words per lesson) within the same file then you can focus on specific areas if you choose, or just select all and test if you feel like doing random reviewing for all 7000 words... Even better just choose a random lesson or 2 each time (still random but it should run substantially faster).
Just a suggestion.
PS: im not affiliated with stackz in any way by the way, this is just the opinion of another user!  :D

wow, thank you for the fast turnaround in replying!
To address your questions:
* Indeed korean language support works in other applications. I commonly use it in mozilla firefox/thunderbird as well as openoffice.
* You assume correctly, I am using the default MS-IME 2002 toolbar.
* Tried hitting reset languages, still the same result.
* Just installed the demo on my girlfriends laptop and got the same results.

I also just realised that while the 'english' option will display the korean text, it will not allow the entry of new korean text (trying to type korean displays nothing, and if i try to paste korean then it just comes up as a series of question marks).

I have also sent you a private message with further information.
Kind Regards,

Note: the image isnt displaying on the page "".

Stackz - Solved Issues / Lesson maintainance
« on: June 25, 2006, 08:31:32 AM »
When using pocketstackz i like to have one big file broken down into lessons, so my main learning file has about 40 lessons in it.  At any given time i focus on one area of the file (usually 4 or 5 lessons). I currently use the list editor to maintain these files (however the feature i will describe is not in the demo version of stackz 2006 either).

It would be very useful to be able to easily move these lessons to the top of the list of lessons. As it stands now i have to select one lesson, right click, select 'move up', select again, click 'move up', select again... until the lesson is at the top of the file. Being able to select multiple files and move them up or down by using a shortcut key (for example 'ctrl + up arrow') would make maintaining these lessons so much easier.

Kind Regards,

Hi, firstly congratulations on a great product  :)

This bug applies to both the demo version of stackz 2006 and the list editor. I am currently trying to create a list of Korean vocab/grammar structures so i have set the language of the file to 'korean (Ansi)' in the options file.  When using the 'Edit' window (F2) or using the 'edit current entry'in the 'Test' window (F4) the directional arrow keys, backspace,delete and enter keys do not work. As you can imagine, this makes entering and editing text quite difficult (if i want to delete something then i have to highlight the text I wish to delete with the mouse and then ctrl-x to cut it)

If i change the default language of the file to Chinese,English or Japanese then i can use the directional buttons, backspace and delete (escape just prints a box, however this doesnt really bother me as i have no use for the escape key).

If the language is set to Chinese or Japanese then the Korean characters do not display correctly, however if the language is set to English then they appear to display correctly (I have not exhaustively tested if everything displays correctly under English mode, i just did a quick check before writing this).

I also have similar problems when using the list import wizard. When set to korean then the above mentioned keys no longer function.

English language windows XP Professional (Service pack 2)
Language toolbar installed to enable korean character input
Stackz 2006 demo version
Stackz List Editor 2005 v3

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