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Also add Type-field from dictionary to stack
« on: January 29, 2007, 06:08:26 PM »
When using the "Add to selected stack" (INS) from the dictionary, the Type-field isn't copied. I would like for it to be copied to the Comment field, since it often contains important info about the word, like if a noun also work as a suru-verb and such. Or maybe an option to add the "(vt,v1)" etc in front of the translation, like it originally is in the dictionary file. It takes up less space, and it's not that hard to learn what the different abbreviations mean.
Maybe if this doesn't fit everyone's taste make it optional, like a check box, or maybe a different menu entry with a different shortkey (Ctrl-INS).

On a side not, I noticed that the romanization of the word in the type-field is irregular. For example "keiyoushi" uses "ou" for the long vowel (as it should be), while "keiyodoshi" for some reason is romanized without the long vowels (it should be "keiyoudoushi").
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