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fonts in WM5
« on: March 12, 2007, 05:03:04 PM »
Hi all,

Have just started using the Stackz software, and am encountering some font issues. I need to use Chinese simplified, traditional, and Japanese. I have CE-Star, and had copied over the 22mb Arial Unicode MS font to my WM5 device. I want to use the Arial Unicode MS font for EVERYTHING.

For "Chinese Simplified" I only get a "SimHei" and "UniSun" option. I only installed "SimHei" to get rid of the "Irregular character width. Pinyin may look bad" msg.

For "Chinese Traditional" I get "No CHINESEBIG5 font for "Chinese Traditional" found!" error message no matter what I pick. I have a choice of Arial Unicode MS, SimHei, Courier New, Tahoma, and Unisun here.

For "Japanese" I have Arial Unicode MS selected w/SHIFTJIS written underneath and no error messages!!  :)

So.... does anyone know if there is a way (or if it's possible) to dump "SimHei" and get everything running off Arial Unicode MS without any error messages?

Lastly, is it possible to get rid of the 4th box and make the 3rd box bigger when looking at Flash cards? I got Hanzi, pinyin, and meaning, but find the meaning is always too long, so wld appreciate being able to use the blank 4th box if I can.

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Re: fonts in WM5
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2007, 08:36:10 PM »
Hi Rajiv,

Sorry for the late response.
I was trying to find a solution.

The problem is that Windows CE is not that flexible with fonts as a desktop system like Windows XP.
You can not install one big font (like Arial Unicode MS) for all languages.
You have to install some smaller fonts for each specific language you are going to use.
You can use, for example,
- "MS Gothic" for Japanese
- "SimHei" for "Chinese Simplified"
- and "MingLiU" for "Chinese Traditional"
I am sure this will work.

If PocketStackz says it can not find any CHINESEBIG5 Font,
it means Windows CE does not recognize this font as a CHINESEBIG5 font
even if does contain all CHINESEBIG5 characters. We can do nothing with it :(

Best regards,


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Re: fonts in WM5
« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2007, 03:34:17 PM »
Hi. I just wanted to know where can I get a hold of such fonts that would allow me to properly see the PinYin. Besides SinHei what other fonts work well. I don't think I can just take it off my desktop (since the SinHei is around 8mb on my desktop!). Can anyone help?