Author Topic: Stackz 07 Beta Test started!  (Read 6273 times)

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Stackz 07 Beta Test started!
« on: May 28, 2007, 05:27:57 PM »
The features of Stackz 07 are complete!

We are happy to announce that Stackz 07 Beta 1 has just been released for testing.

(Click for high resolution)

General new features:
  • New GUI with dockable control bars, customizable UI themes, new icons, reduced flickering and overall slick appearance. Reorganized toolbars, including a new toolbar with lanugage selection dropdown listbox.
  • New concept: Restriction of the range of the cards included in the Test/Learn/Match action. New tool dialog "RetentionManager" for convenient control of the new functionality.
  • Improved Stack selection handling.
  • The ImportList Wizard can split content into lessons during one import action.
  • Simplified font handling.
  • Using the native Windows unicode controls now (Custom controls abandoned, Win9x no longer supported). Editing text of all Windows languages automatically supported. (This has no influence to the files content, only concerns text presentation.)
  • Cut/Copy/Paste entire lessons, also across files.
  • StackEditDialog:
    • Move entries to different stacks
    • Detect duplicate entries in all columns
  • All Window Positions and column widths are persistent across Stackz sessions
  • Change the Attributes (column) Order
  • Improved Skill Management
  • AutoImportLessons: Filenames are automatically used as Lesson Titles

Japanese features:
  • Example Sentences Dialog (Tanaka Corpus)
  • Text Analyze Function improved: now also lists individual kanji which are not part of other search results

Registered members of this board are invited to try, test and comment the latest version of the Stackz Flashcard Organizer in the Member Zone!

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Re: Stackz 07 Beta Test started!
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2007, 02:20:21 AM »
Looks sweet! Will test and try