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Quick webpage question
« on: February 03, 2006, 07:12:01 AM »
I was just checking out the comments, and I saw my old comment (WarBird) which says in the topic;
"Amazingly good flashcard program" (09-Mar-2004)

and on your webpage, it's written;
"Stackz - The Amazingly Good Flashcard Organizer"

Checking out, and
it seems you added that sentence between april and may the same year.

It's  not like im looking for credits or anything, but if it was inspired by my comment, I feel honoured :) so... is it?


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Re: Quick webpage question
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2006, 06:10:56 PM »
Your web analysis more accurate than my memory... wow, already almost two years!? But I guess you are right, there was a comment with that amazing wording indeed. As the modest person I am, I would never have thought about such a line myself :-)

BTW I like the fact that you still seem to watch what is going on at our site after almost two years. Are you still using Stackz, and what are your long time experiences?



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Re: Quick webpage question
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2006, 02:31:40 AM »
Of course I'm still using (sounds like I am using a drug or something, hehe)!
Still haven't found a better program. Keep up the excellent work! It is still amazingly good? :)

In the beginning, I was using stackz a lot, but after a few months, I stopped using it almost at all. No time to sit infront of the computer studying etc. Was still using it about once a week though. Was really helping me remembering all those basic words. Had some huge lists I was using. Now, I know those words well enough that I'll probably never forget them (can't imagine forgetting basics like taberu, nomu, deru, kuruma etc). And here lies a small problem. Having a list of 5000 words is nice, but when you know half of them so well you feel you never will forget them, its kind of inconvenient to have them in the list. A "archive this card/Dont show this card anymore" button in the test dialog/list dialog would be a nice thing to have. And maybe a tool to manipulate these entries. Like a "export/move super wellknown words to new file" or something.

Now, I've (actually, a friend did it for me, since my creditcard got rejected? :o ) bought PocketStackz (and a PPC for the sole purpose of using pocketstackz), so my usage is up again. Using almost every day (The trainride from kanagawa to tokyo takes about 1 hour... nice to be able to be productive on the train too!). I'm mainly using it for kanji, and to remember those pesky words you only use a few times a year, but still have to remember (like kouseibusshitsu and the like). One thing I'm missing from the PStackz version is the ability to make new files and lessons. Sometimes in class I want to add a new word, but keep it seperated from the old words, but I have no choice but to add it to an excisting lesson. (I have a file for each class, and I want to have a new lesson entry for each lesson in that class...)

So, in short, great program! It has really helped me.

Go Stackz!

PS: 2 years... feels like yesterday! How the time flies by (feels like an old man). Can't believe im turning 24 this year.... only 6 years till 30!!
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