Author Topic: Odd spacebar behavior in test mode  (Read 2813 times)

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Odd spacebar behavior in test mode
« on: June 22, 2007, 04:38:19 AM »
As I spend most of my time in learning mode, I am accustomed to hitting the space bar frequently to expose parts of a card. In testing mode, for the first card shown the spacebar works the same way. However, if I press spacebar again to skip it and move to another card, the next spacebar after that puts the card back on the stack instead of showing the next attribute. The third card will function the same as the first, adding attributes with spacebar presses. In general, odd-numbered cards add attributes, and even-numbered ones put back on the stack.

After looking deeper into this, I can see that in testing mode the spacebar simply simulates a button push for whichever is the active button. The green button is initially active upon starting a test. But after filling the attributes and then putting it back on the stack, the Up Arrow button becomes active. Another spacebar executes it (putting the card back on the stack), and then the green button is active again. This behavior is annoying but just odd. What is more dangerous is the following specific combination. If I press spacebar enough to put the entry on the stack, the up arrow becomes active. If I then press the left or right button OR mouse click the left or right button, that button stays active after the action. If I then press spacebar, instead of displaying an attribute it will mark the entry read or unread depending on what I last chose. After that, the green arrow is active again, and the spacebar will add attributes for the next card.

The Learning mode does not have this behavior, because the green button snaps into the active button, no matter what action is chosen. I think it would be more intuitive for the Test mode to do the same thing (even though the button functions are slightly different because there is no local stack in Test mode). Pressing the spacebar with full attributes should put it back on the stack, but the green button should go back to being active.

The behavior is the same in the 2006 version and the Beta 4, so I hope there is a chance to fix it!