Author Topic: Differentiated accounts and coustomizable stats  (Read 2960 times)

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Differentiated accounts and coustomizable stats
« on: June 28, 2007, 11:29:38 AM »
With my poor english I find a bit difficult to explain what I would like to see in Stackz, but I'll try:

What happens if various students want to study the same file? With actual software versions they are forced to duplicate and rename the file, a thing I find very unpractical specially in the PocketPc version, due to the small memory basic cappacity of these systems. I would like to see an option to create a "new account" for each file that could be accessible directly from the program. This would make unnecessary the creation of multiple "clone" files, and accessing to files would be much more fast and comfortable.

Also, since mastering one of the skills proposed in stackz doesn't means that you master the others (for example, you can recognize instantly all the characters, but this will do little to your writing skill), I think that it would be necessary to have the option to activate differentiated stats for each skill.

Other things: Stackz is great because is very customizable and lets the student a great freedom to modify the learning system. On the other hand, this causes the program to be less simple than other flashcard programs. I would now like to speak about the Stackz/Leitner system options. I find very useful the possibility to switch between them, but I would like too a more "automatized" option that indicated me when is better to use one or the other. i.e. a "learning system" like is there now quite well explained with "learn/test/colourmodes", but with the Leitner system integrated. Overall, I think that parallely to all the coustomizable options, there should exist a "begginner" mode with a more automatized learning system.

And what about a two-sides flashcards printing option?

With all these requirements I don't want to seem too demanding, Stackz is actually a wonderful program, but I prefer to suggest more features to you decide wich you consider more interesting and feasible.

I hope I've explained myself well :)

PD: Sorry, I've missed the one-suggestion per thread  :-\
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