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Insert example sentences automatically
« on: December 29, 2007, 06:41:03 PM »
Words from the dictionary can be automatically added to the current stack by selecting them in the dictionary pane, and then pressing the insert key.
 It would be useful if the same was possible with the example sentences. There are two situations in which I think it would be useful:

Situation 1.
During testing or learning, I look up example sentences for the current word. When the results are displayed and I'm browsing through them, I would like to select one, hit Insert, and Stackz would ask me, 'Which attribute of the current card should the example sentence be inserted to?' and I could select whichever attribute I wanted. The example sentence would be inserted, and I would continue the testing or learning.

Situation 2.
I'm not in testing or learning mode, just looking up example sentences. In this case I would like to select an example sentence, hit Insert, and the example sentence is added to the currently selected stack as a new card. The Japanese portion of the example sentence would go into the default Japanese attribute, and the English portion would go into the Translation attribute.