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Advanced languages and fonts management
« on: January 07, 2008, 03:54:58 AM »
Hi. I use Stackz! for learning Japanese, and I use different Japanese fonts for different purposes. For example: Kyouka or Mikachan for Kanji writing practice, Mincho or Gothic for reading, etc. And within each file, I often use different fonts for the entry and the reading (For instance, Kyouka for the main entry and Gothic for the reading.)

Hoever, I have noticed that Stackz! has no way to specify different fonts for a given language. If you want to use another Japanese font in another file, you need to create a new Stackz! "language" within Stackz! Options, and this creates a number of complications:

1) Anytime you open a Stackz! file, Stackz! changes its system language to the one in the main entry of the file. Every time I open my "Remembering The Kanji" list, which uses a Kyouka font (which I had to configure as a separate language called "Written Japanese") for the main entry and Gothic for the readings (that is, the default Stackz! "Japanese" language), the Stackz! system language switches to "Written Japanese". Since my dictionary is always in "Japanese", this creates an awkward situation while I'm in Test or Edit mode: I cannot use F6 to make a quick lookup of an entry... I can't even type it in the dictionary window because the Stackz! system language does not match the Dictionary language... although both are Japanese, only with different fonts!

To solve this, everytime I load this list I have to remember to manually switch the system language back to "Japanese" before doing anything else, which is slightly inconvenient.

2) While in Edit mode, readability is everything. In the same file, my Kyouka font becomes very difficult to read. Brush style fonts are even worse. It would be nice if I could configure Stackz! to render all Japanese text with the Gothic font while in Edit mode, overriding locally selected fonts.

To solve this, everytime I need to edit this file, I have to switch the "language" of my main entry to "Japanese" before editing and then change it back to "Written Japanese" after editing.

Most of the time, I have to deal with both problems at the same time.

So I wish Stackz! could actually made a distinction between a Language and a Font, freeing you from having to create lots of fictional "languages". And if it could allow Font overriding for certain windows... that would be really 便利な。
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Re: Advanced languages and fonts management
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2008, 01:30:28 PM »
Yes, this is an excellent suggestion. I'm trying to use PalmStackz for some work in Greek, and even though I have a Greek font installed, PalmStackz doesn't recognize the Greek language (and corresponding font) as an option. Some nice, free Greek and Hebrew fonts for Palm are available from (look for the file as a hyperlink on that page) -- not sure if they're Unicode. But right now, since I can't adjust the language/font relationship in PalmStackz, I can't even check to see if they would work.

If you could add Greek and Hebrew language support in a future update, that would be tremendously helpful.