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Hello All,

I am purchasing a mac to replace my PC.  I have researched the best possible way to replace the StackZ program on my new computer.  ...I think I will probably use iFlash.  It is the best program that I have seen for the Mac OS.

There are two problems which I have found with iFlash

1.)  The stack generation method in iFlash uses text files only.  In other words, I cannot use spreadsheets.  I have tried to change the spreadsheet data into a text document, but either due to some conversion problem or my inexperience with the Mac OS, I have not been able to overcome the issue.  I have many lists I have created for myself in a spreadsheet format, and I will plan to use them on my new computer as I further my study of Japanese and other areas of study and interest.  I DO NOT WANT to have to retype all of those files in a text document.  Got an immense waste of time and frustration?

2.)  I am used to Stackz and would like to continue using what is familiar and, most importantly, working.  I don't want to try and fix something that isn't broken.

I realize that I could use parallels and run windows on the mac, but I would have to purchase a copy of windows and partition a section of my HD for it.  I am very opposed to the first (on principal and it would be expensive) and really don't want to use up any extra space, so I will not do this unless I need some other programs that I absolutely cannot live without.  I do not foresee this happening.

So, here is my question:  Is there any plan for releasing a Stackz edition for the Mac OS?  Also, one of the features I do very much like about iFlash is that you can use it on the iPod supposedly.  (I don't use a PDA, but I always but always have my iPod with me)  If a Mac edition is released, I would very much like to see an iPod application option/feature.


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There's always anki.  It runs on Windows/Linux/Mac and like StackZ! was also designed for learning Japanese.

It also uses a more up-to-date learning system.  It is SRS based on SM-2 algorythmn developed in 1985 as opposed to StackZ! Leitiner system which was developed in the 1880's.


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Thanks a lot.  I will definitely try it out.  I'll have my mac in about a week, so I'll post what I think after I run through the program.

If anyone else has a recommendation, it would be very much appreciated.