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Optimizing stackz files download
« on: January 05, 2011, 06:23:20 AM »
I have a few change recommendations right from the start.

Frist, in the stackz files area before anything is downloaded it would be great for non iPhone savy users if you added a button labeled "download files" when no files have been downloaded and add the same button in a footer on the file list once there are files in the list.  The use of the plus button isn't always obvious especially when greeted with a blank white screen.

Second, since you're using a web view to browse the file list can you perhaps hide the nav view at the top and quickly add a back button for the browser at the top instead?  Then add a back to stackz button somewhere else.  I found myself mindlessly hitting the "stackz files" back button when I wanted to return to the main list of files.

Third, this isn't really an application issue but the tables on the file list page overflow the boundaries of the page so you probably want to add width constraints and other format changes to get the html to display more cleanly on all the file pages.  Also a more smartphone friendly design might be nice just to clean up the feeling of the file pages.

Also, is it possible to pull a more friendly name from the file for the item title in the downloaded files list?  Something other than "*******.szm" maybe just drop the .szm?

This is all on an iPhone 4.
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