Author Topic: New Japanese dictionary browser plugin for Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox  (Read 21120 times)

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New Internet Explorer Japanese Dictionary Plugin:

It works like Rikaichan in that you hover over a word and the definitions and readings are displayed.? Plus there are example sentences.? Plus with a simple click you can add the word to a vocabulary list for later study in the best flashcard program around for EFFICIENT study.? Plus, there are already tons of ready-made lists available that other people have created available to download.

There are currently two Japanese browser dictionary plugins that I am aware of: jBrowse for IE and Rikaichan for Firefox.? I use Stackz/Kanjibrowse for looking up words as I browse Japanese websites, plus I often import the word that I just looked up into my flashcard file for later efficient study.

Now, a great idea that would be to create a plugin like that mentioned above, with the potential to reach out to many people.? How? Make an IE and Firefox plugin based on Kanjibrowse that is freeware like rikaichan.? Rikaichan really dose this better than jBrowse, so I think they would be the ones to improve upon.? I'm picturing it working like Rikaichan in that when a Japanese word is moused over, a little popup appears with the reading in katakana or hiragana and definition (and perhaps example sentences in the future).? The Stackz concept enters because the popup has a little link down in the bottom: "Add word for learning."? Clicking this link would automatically add the word to their current lesson in Stackz. In the unregistered version, the user can be told that this is a feature for Stackz users with a link to the website for more information.

Anyhow, just a thought.? I guess I love your programs so much that I want other people to know about it because I think they'll find them invaluable for learning Japanese.
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Re: Stackz Japanese browser plugin for Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2006, 09:58:04 PM »
Thanks for this great idea!
As usual, we can't guarantee following it up because the number of ideas in the list is considerable. But we'll think it through, and maybe we'll find a way to do something.

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Re: Stackz Japanese browser plugin for Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2006, 04:40:01 AM »
Awesome idea!

Next to adding example sentence support, this is the best idea I've yet to read.

This is actually one of my main uses for the Stackz program.? I spend a lot of time at Japanese forum and BBS sites, and whenever someone types a word I don't know, I do an auto-paste into the dictionary, and from there add it to my vocabulary lists for future study.? Having a browser plugin like rikaichan to automate the process would be ideal.

Very excellent idea!


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search google for perapera kun. It's based off rikaichan, but with some modifications. For one, it has a export word function, so you hover over a word, and press control. the word, with reading and translation, gets added to a textfile in either tab delimited format or edict format. After reading an article, and adding words, just use the import function in stackz to grab the content. Works flawlessly. Only thing is, perapera-kun doesnt manage the entries in the export file at all, so you end up getting a huge list. What I do, is I open the file in notepad, and delete all the content inside after exporting to stackz. That way, I get a fresh start when reading the next article.