KanjiBrowze PRO features

When registered, KanjiBrowze standard becomes KanjiBrowze PRO, which offers the additional features described on this page.

Built in TextPad for temporary text


Built in Kana to Kanji conversion (Japanese only)

By pressing F5, a list with correct kanji or kanji combinations corresponding to the selected text is presented. Selecting one of them replaces the selected text with the selected kanji. Because the english translation is included in the list, this feature proves useful even if the IME is installed on the system.


EDICT entries marked as common can be filtered (Japanese only)

Since EDICT is a big dictionary it contains many uncommon entries which clutter the result list. To assist the user, EDICT 2001 introduced a 'common' flag which allows to separate the common from the rarely used ones. In KanjiBrowze, the common entries are shown with the icon, while normal (i.e. unmarked) entries are listed with the icon.

With KanjiBrowze PRO, both types can be individually shown or hidden. In the example below there are 85 entries for 'learn', out of which only 16 are marked as common - hiding the uncommon ones reduces compacts the list, and finding the relevant informaton becomes much faster and safer.


Additional column with EDICT word classification (Japanese only)

With KanjiBrowze PRO, the classification of the EDICT entries are added to the fourth column of the query result list (see image above).


Floating tooltip window shows long text completely

Long entries and translations can be difficult to read, especially if there is a list of different possible translations given.

KanjiBrowze PRO shows a floating tooltip over the entries in the query result list. In this tooltip, multiple translations are arranged in a concise list view which dramatically increases readabilty. In addition, parts of the tooltip text can be selected and used as starting point of the next query.


"Analyze" function detects kanji compounds, conjugated verbs and adjectives in the search string (Japanese only)

KanjiBrowze PRO allows to automatically extract the entries of entire text blocks. It detects kanji combinatioos, verbs and adjectives. Verbs are correctly extracted even if they are conjugated, adjectives may also appear in any form.

In combination with the AutoPaste function, KanjiBrowze PRO is the ideal companion for reading internet pages. Any text copied from Internet Explorer to the clipboard is automatically analyzed and listed in the dictionary dialog in a convenient format!


Radical selection dialog for easy selection of radicals (Japanese only)

In the KanjiSelect dialog, KanjiBrowze PRO allows to pick the radical of the wanted kanji from a convenient table.