Basic KanjiSelection elements

Always on top Kana input mode Copy Add to stack Add to TextPad Kanji info Run di Roomaji input mode Selection text field Run query Selection restriction Selected kanji list Radical selection dialog Radical index selection

Fig. Function Shortcut Explanation
Selection text field   Field to enter the selection criteria text. See also entering text.
Go! Enter Starts the selection with the text in the selection text field
Match whole word   If checked, only exact matches are shown.
If unchecked, all matches containing the selection text are shown.
Exact hiragana ending   If checked, the period separating the stem from the okurigana is considered.
If unchecked, the period is ignored.

If checked, only matches with the specified radical are shown. The number of the radical can be specified with the dropdown list.

The radical selection dialog simplifies the selection of the correct radical by presenting all radials at a glance.

Selection restriction   When a range is defined, only the kanji within this range are displayed in the selected kanji list. Ranges can be defined for the following classifications:
  • Jy grade: levels 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9 (+ 10 = non–jy)
  • Stroke count
  • Radical range
  • Kanji & Kana (Handbook by W.Hadamitzky and M. Spahn)
  • Nelson
  • Halpern
  • Haig
  • De Roo
The Apply button needs to be pressed after changing the selection restriction.
Selected kanji list   Displays the selected kanji.


Toolbar Function Shortcut Explanation
Dictionary F6 Starts an automatic Dictionary query with the selected kanji or list of kanji.
Kanji info F8 Opens the KanjiInfo dialog and adds the selected kanji or list of kanji to it
Add to TextPad   Adds the selected text to the TextPad.
Add to selected stack INS Copies the selected kanji to the selected stack. Only useful when using in combination with Stackz. Pleaser refer to the documentation of Stackz.
Copy Ctrl+C Copies the selected kanji or list of kanji to the clipboard.
Roomaji entry mode Ctrl+space or F2 Toggle input-mode to rooma-ji mode to enter english text.
Kana entry mode Ctrl+space or F2 Toggle input-mode to kana entry mode to enter kana. Use CapsLock to switch from hiragana to katakana.
Always on top   When switched on, the window stays on top of other windows.