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We are interested in your vocabulary lists! If you are willing to share your list with other stackz users, we offer you a 50% discount on a Stackz license. In order to be accepted, the new list

Check the Online Archive for the currently available wordlists.

Open topics / ideas for new lists:


Styleguide for the lists:

1. Add all words to one stackz document. The document should have a clear purpose (topic), and contain enough information to cover the topic, typical around 500-1000 entries.

2. A stackz document should contain several lessons. Maybe it is useful for a person who masters thousands of words (i.e. you, the author of the list) to have them all in one single lesson, but for a beginner it is definitely not. As a rule of thumb, a lesson should contain way less than 100 words. Remember that it is very easy to combine all words into one lesson at a later point in time by copying all words into one (new) stack, but to sort a big stack means a lot of work.

3. Each lesson should have a clear name and describe the group of words it contains.
a) If your words are sorted (order of introduction in a textbook, Joyo grade, etc), it is easy to name the lessons. Good names could be e.g. "Lessons 1-3", "Pages 33-48", etc.
b) If your words are not sorted, it is a bit harder to find groups of words. For example, if your list covers the topic "Economics", then good lesson names could be "Company", "Stock exchange", etc.

4. If you are a really good teacher, add some comments and hints how to remember the word in the "comment" section. Doing so you are doing a big favor or the students that will use your list!

5. When your list is complete, send it to us and we will decide if it matches our criteria. We are really not picky, but please understand that there is no guarantee that you will really obtain your discount. If you want to be sure prior to completion, you can show us your incomplete list anytime to check with us if the style is OK.
Please note that you can't save save files generated with the the ListImportWizard in Stackz using an evaluation license. If you plan to import your words from a different source, you can use the free Stackz List Editor, which features the same ListImportWizard and allows to save the file.

Fill in the form below if you want to create a new list. You will get a time limited license key for the software that will allow you to create your wordlist. If you encounter any problems with this form, simply send us a mail with the same information.

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