PC Integration - the freeware Stackz List Editor Version 7.1

The same wordlists are used for both PocketStackz and the Stackz Flashcard Organizer on the PC. They are synchronized between Pocket PC and PC using the standard Pocket PC synchronization software, Microsoft ActiveSync. All the Wordlists from the Stackz online archive can be directly used with PocketStackz and the Stackz Flashcard Organizer!

Thanks to the free Stackz List Editor, convenient PC-based editing of Stackz lists is possible even without purchasing a copy of the Stackz Flashcard organizer. Since it is based on the same codebase as the Flashcard Organizer, it offers the same edit function of the wordlists. Please refer to the Stackz feature descriptions for more detailed information about the edit functionality in Stackz List Editor.
Stackz User manual - download pdf or read online

Note: Registered Stackz users don't need Stackz List Editor, because all of this functionality and much more is included in the Stackz flashcard organizer. Read more about Stackz here.

Freeware: Stackz List Editor 7.1 - Standard Edition
The new version includes the full functionality of the Stackz Flashcard Organizer, Standard Edition.
Not available are the Study Tools (Test Dialog, Learn Dialog and Match Dialog), and the export to file function.
7.3 MB, Windows PC installer

Freeware: Stackz List Editor 7.1 - Dictionary Edition
Same as above, but including the "standard dictionary functions", i.e. the dictionary functions that are available in our freeware version of KanjiBrowze, of course with the new graphical user interface of Stackz 7.1.
7.5 MB, Windows PC installer

List Editor PRO
In the same way the free KanjiBrowze can be registered to unlock advanced features, the Stackz List Editor Dictionary Edition can be registered to unlock the advanced features as well. If registered, it shows exactly the same dictionary user interface as the Dictionary Edition of the Stackz Flashcard Organizer.

Since the gain in functionality is exactly the same for both mentioned freeware programs, we decided to use the price and also the key format of KanjiBrowze PRO licenses to unlock the List Editor Dictionary Edition. This means that if you already own a license of KanjiBrowze PRO, it will work with the List Editor right away. And if you intend to register the List Editor, simply purchase a license of KanjiBrowze PRO and use it with the List Editor.