Link collections

The chances to find specific wordlists on the net are quite good. Below is a short collection with interesting sites to get you started in the web search. The data can then easily be imported into Stackz with the ImportListWizard.

If you know another such useful site, please submit it here!

Language WebLists

General translations and wordlists

  1. The Linguist - online dictionaries etc
    Dictionaries, etc. Collection of Web-Dictionaries and Online Dictionaries.
    Online Flashcards


  1. Great material for preparing the JLPT!
  2. (down!?)
    Great collection of wordlists!
    Most lists can be imported with the default attributes mapping of the ImportWizard (step 2/3).
    Heisig, Remembering the Kanji I
    Heisig, Remembering the Kanji II
    Henshall, A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters
    Japanese Language Proficiency Test: Test Content Specification
    Saito/Silberstein, Grundkurs der modernen japanischen Sprache (german)
    Assimil, Japanisch ohne Mühe I und II (german)
    Japanese for Busy People 1
    Japanese for Busy People 2
    This page allows to create wordlists.
  4. Henshall Kanji mnemonics
    This page contains mnemonics for the kanji taught in the first six years of school in Japan, as developed by Professor Kenneth Henshall. They have been extracted from his book: "A Guide To Remembering Japanese Characters" (Tuttle, 1995). The book covers all 1,945 general-use kanji.
  5. Shin Nihongo no Kiso vocabulary
  6. Japanese Vocabulary
    Japanese for Busy People
    Japanese for College Students
    Nihongo Shoho
    SL Japanese ab initio
  7. Vocabulary for beginners
  8. DEAI vocabulary lists
  9. Nihongo o Narau
  10. Sushi vocabulary
  11. Kitchen terms


  1. Chinese Multimedia
    Vocabulary lists with sound
  2. Military Chinese Learning
  3. The most common Chinese characters
    in order of frequency
  4. SI Units in Chinese
  5. Cantonese wordlists


  1. Brief list of travel phrases


  1. EnglishPage
    Free online English lessons & ESL / EFL resources
  2. English vocabulary for Word Lovers
  3. Modern English to Old English


    Big German-English and English-German dictionary


  1. English - Spanish Vocabulary lists


Medical terminology WebLists
  1. E - PCI Medical center, Dallas Texas
    Medical links and resources.
  2. E - Muscular system synonyms
    Terminology for muscles from the older English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish literature related to modern usage
  3. G - - Terminologie
Law WebLists
  1. E - Glossary of legal terms
Botanics WebLists
  1. Flower names (english, french, latin, meaning)
  2. Dried flower names (common names, scientific (latin) names)
  3. Flowers of our Lady (Botanical Name, English Common Name, German Religious Name, English Translation)
  4. The Meanings of Latin flower names
  5. Common name equivalents of some Cacti and Succulents
  6. Common Plant Names
  7. Flower library (botanical names - common name - meaninng)
  8. Garden glossary
  9. English common name for some orchids (CURRENTLY NOT IMPORTABLE)
Person Name WebLists
  1. Names and their meanings
  2. Names and their meanings
  3. Names and their origins, meanings
  4. Names and their gender, origins, meanings
  5. Names and their gender, origins, meanings and similar names
  6. Names and their pronunciations, origins, meanings
  7. fairy names

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The Stackz List Import Wizard

If you can't find the wished list in the Stackz Online Archive, or you have a wordlist in a different format, you might want to try the List Import Wizard of Stackz, which is also included in the free Stackz List Editor. It allows to easily import any type of existing wordlist into Stackz. The Wizard only requires 3 simple steps:

  1. Enter the list into the the ListImportWizard.
  2. Map the desired list elements to Stackz attributes.
  3. Press 'Finish'.

The question is where to get the list from if you don't own it already. The answer is, as very often, the internet.


Lists on the net

Finding lists with Google - Method 1

Google is a powerful tool for finding new wordlists. One way of searching lists is directly using the word "list" as search string, followed by the language as needed.

Language 1 (e.g. German, Deutsch, Japanese etc)
Language 2
Keyword     (e.g. wordlist, vocabulary list, glossary, etc)


Finding lists with Google - Method 2

Another way of finding a wordlist consists in creating a search string with a few samples that are expected to be included in the list. You can use the form below: enter a few words with their translations to search a list.

            Language 1               Language 2
Word 1:
Word 2:
Word 3:
Word 4: