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This is the PocketPC version of our Stackz flashcard organizer. It brings the complete Stackz proficiency visualization system (including all ColorModes) to the PocketPC platform, which becomes the ideal companion for frequent but short learning units on the road.

Even though the screenshots below show Japanese flashcards, the system can be used to learn any lanugage, or any other kind of information as well.

Main functions

The PocketStackz LessonList

The PocketStackz TestDialog


The proficiency statistics in your pocket!

The same look and feel as the PC version, the same color modes - the same learning efficiency. But this one follows you wherever you want!
  The best plan to quit smoking.

Refreshing the content of your large wordlists is the ideal pastime for the little short breaks where you are not really in the mood of attacking new or hard words.

NOTE: See the links section for TTF fonts!


The application is designed to add real value to your daily study life. We don't try to show off with a long list of fancy features that are impressive in the first moment, but turn out to be useless after a few weeks.

"The thing is, I wasted money on registering the [competitor] tools just to find out they were full of bugs and practically useless." - comment of a user disappointed with a different tool

As we can see from the feedback of our users, the true value of the Stackz system appears after several weeks or months of using it. You might want to have a look at the user-reviews given for the Stackz system (Stackz 2.0 for PC).


The PocketStackz LearnDialog

  The PocketStackz Stylus-free mode

Not limited to Japanese!

Learn New words in record time!

When it comes to learning, the basis is a receptive mood. This is more likely to happen on the couch or in your favorite café than in the office in front of your PC! The proven Stackz LearnDialog now offers its real master class of installing the difficult words into your brain anywhere you need it.
The stylus is great. But sometimes it's annoying.

If you have ever tried to use a stylus operated device while standing in a swinging boat or a shaking train, you'll appreciate the astonishing simplicity of controlling PocketStackz with its hardware navigator buttons. Maybe it's the first time you are even noticing those buttons on your device, but you will be glad you did.
Supports other languages as well of course.

PocketStackz is optimized for Japanese, Chinese (simplified and traditional) and Korean. And other languages can be learned as well - with any true type font!

"I've only used Stackz actively for a few days now, and I'm already an enthusiastic fan. I've used several other applications for PC and Pocket PC to study Japanese. But Stackz is clearly a more powerful learning tool." - a new user's comment

PocketStackz in Landscape Mode

          The PocketStackz Writing Pad

Some words seem too wide for one's brain. Not so for PocketStackz.

You can change your viewpoint by changing the screen orientation if your Pocket PC allows so. Depending on the learning content, the display becomes much more natural and your brain can focus 100% on the words.

Note: looks best with hidden navigation buttons, using the hardware navigatin buttons instead.
Some things must be written in order to be understood.

Stackz is built around the idea of constantly refreshing one's vocabulary, and writing the words can drastically improve the memorizing effect. Not only when studying a language with a different writing system this leads to a dramatic learning efficiency boost. Decide yourself if you want to see the solution while writing or not.


Managing List Content

The PocketStackz CardView Dialog

Edit the content of the cards

Entering new entries

Yes... but what's behind these color stacks?

Sure the stacks look nice, and their color represents vaild information. But it is also important to have a quick access to the contained data.
Type mistakes? Me? Never!

But yes, sometimes you might discover small errors in the cards you prepared on the PC. Sure you can correct them right on the spot!
"Hold on, let me write this down..."

Why not entering new cards while you are "on the road"? That's the moment where you encounter many important terms and expressions, so directly add them to your list!
NOTE: The software to Enter Asian characters is not part of PocketStackz 1.0. Using an additional IME or a localized PocketPC version is required for directly entering kanji or hanzi. This is not an essential feature however because you can add a short note to the entry in english on the PocketPC to remind you completing the modification of the Asian Characters later on your PC.

Minimal System Requirements



Download PocketStackz

PocketStackz 7.1
1.3 MB, zipped windows installer (ARM) and manual

MIPS, SH3: on demand

Register PocketStackz

PocketPC Shareware, 19 USD

History of releases

The version history is listed here.

Product Bundles

PocketStackz is available as part of an advantageously priced bundle with our flashcard organizers for the PC platform. Please see our product page for more information.


PC Integration

Thanks to the free Stackz List Editor, convenient PC-based editing of Stackz lists in the format is possible even without purchasing a copy of the Stackz Flashcard organizer.

More details about the Stackz List Editor are here.